Dog training

DK Canine Training

Kara Godebu, IACP-CDT, is a local Certified Dog Trainer with over 13 years of experience working with dogs.  She teaches individual and group classes in our training room.  Her classes vary from Puppy Classes, All Level Obedience, Nosework, Canine Good Citizen, Conditioning and more!

You can sign up for one of Kara’s classes or find out more information about DK Canine Training by clicking the link below.

Dogs in a DK Training class posing for their picture.
Cute dog getting a bath.

Dog wash & grooming

Whether you want to wash your pooch by yourself or have our onsite groomer do it for you, we’ve got you covered.  Everybody loves a clean pooch, especially when they have found that favorite mud hole or bird poo to roll in!  We can get you back on track with our multi-bay washing room and a few treats to make the experience easier for both you and your dog.

Dog & cat stuff

From supplements to toys to collars, beds and litter, cleaning supplies, food bowls, training aids and more, we carry most everything your fur baby needs.  Find out more about both dog and cat stuff by clicking the buttons below.

Talk to us

If you have questions or comments, give us a call, we are here to help you.