Cat Things

Cat Food

Canned cat food displayed on shelves

What's For Dinner?

Here at Four Paws & Co., we are committed to offering you and your cat a wide array of healthy food choices to promote the happy, healthy lifestyle you want for your companion. We carry a large selection of:

Cat Toys & Treats

Time For Catnip!

Play and rewards are vital to a happy cat. They help with bonding, training and just plain fun. We are experts in helping you find just the right toy and healthy treats to make your cat give you purrs and kisses. We have a large selection of:

Cat Supplements & Supplies

Got Hairballs?

Every cat has those moments when they have an itch, owie, or hairball. We have what you need in supplies for health issues, grooming, litter, eating, dental care, sleeping, scratching and clean up. We want to make your life easier by finding solutions to your cat's issues. We carry a large selection of: